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The Inner Edit

Mar 25, 2022

Shanna Nardone is the founder of Maternal Grove, a community for maternal figures offering virtual support groups and 1-1 coaching. Shanna is also a wife and mother of two. She developed the formula for creating space and balance for herself that was so life changing that she built her business on it. We discuss how she helps maternal figures change their day to day lives to better support their wants and needs. We talk about how to make self-care a lifestyle and the power in questioning your thoughts. Shanna also shares her experience with therapy prompted by a life-changing loss.  “Question your thoughts, prioritize yourself, you are worthy.” - Shanna Nardone


Christie’s Website

Christie’s Instagram: @sasssays

Shanna’s Website

Shanna’s Instagram: @maternalgrove 

Shanna’s Tiktok: @maternalgrove 

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