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The Inner Edit

Nov 29, 2023

Today With Emmy Marie:

Today on The Inner Edit, I am with Emmy Marie, founder of @bloomingwithemmy. Emmy is a content creator and a trauma coach who has worked through her own c-PTSD and trauma from abuse and now helps others on their own path to healing. 
Emmy’s rise to success started out with an anonymous platform,...

Nov 24, 2023

Today With Tomi Obebe:

Today on The Inner Edit I am with Tomi Obebe, a lifestyle blogger and content creator based in Charlotte, North Carolina. With corporate digital marketing experience and an MBA from Clemson University, Tomi has been able to combine her passion for business with her personal style on her blog and...

Nov 22, 2023

Nov 17, 2023

Nov 15, 2023

Today With Dr. Kelly Vincent:

Today on The Inner Edit, I am joined by, Dr. Kelly Vincent, a licensed holistic and clinical psychologist.  
Dr. Kelly made a career shift from marketing to psychology.

With now over 184k, her journey didn’t come without questions, imposter syndrome, or creator burnout. She says no matter...