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The Inner Edit

Aug 30, 2023

Today I’m joined by Amalya Tagakchyan, a mental health professional, who shares her journey into the field and the difference between mental health and mental illness. Amalya shares her personal experiences and explains that mental health encompasses overall well-being, while mental illness refers to diagnosed...

Aug 25, 2023

Dr. Laura Schwinn, a psychologist specializing in working with women and mothers, is interviewed in this podcast episode. She discusses her background, experiences as an identical twin, and her perspective on the use of the title "doctor." Dr. Laura emphasizes the importance of empowering clients in mental health and...

Aug 23, 2023

Lucia DeMarco, a coach for women, is interviewed about her motivation for coaching and how negative self-talk has affected her own life. Lucia shares her personal experiences of overcoming self-doubt and pursuing a career change. She emphasizes the detrimental effects of negative self-talk on women's ability to achieve...

Aug 18, 2023

On this solo show, I am celebrating the podcast's 2nd birthday. I am highlighting the top 5 most listened to episodes of the last year and what I took away from each episode. I am also hinting at what's the come for the podcast in the coming year!

Aug 16, 2023

In this solo episode, I am sharing an update on my journey with alcohol and elaborating on my experience thus far working with a holistic hormone coach. I also hint at an exciting new direction for the show, involving bringing back favorite guests from past episodes!


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