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The Inner Edit

Nov 23, 2022

Arianna Bradford is an ADHD Productivity Coach, writer, and speaker whose focus is helping people better understand their brains through productivity. After her own diagnosis of ADHD in 2021, she’s made it a point to ensure that those like her know they are not alone and that their brains simply need to be worked WITH, not against. Arianna has regularly had work featured in Mabel + Moxie, HuffPost Parents, Today Parents, and Medium. Her book, SHAME ON YOU: Big Truths From a Bad Mom has regularly gained accolades and positive attention from others in her field. She lives in Costa Rica with her husband and two children. Arianna takes me through the story of ADHD in her household…from her son’s diagnosis to her own. We talk about ADHD and social media, how the ADHD brain works, and the strategies and mindset shifts she’s implemented in her own life and the lives of her clients.


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